Adult Dating Sucks

“Guys are getting duped now worse than ever.” – Marketer Gone Rogue

There are hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this stuff every year and no one is properly critiquing the industry and telling you what’s going on. They are taking their commissions and moving on.

When I first started in the industry in 2008, there were already quite a few adult dating sites and the big ones then are still the major players now. (AdultFriendFinder, Fling, SexSearch, Ashley Madison, etc) At that time there was some buzz about how many actual women were on these sites in proportion to men. Any site that had at 10:1 ratio (guys to girls) was considered ok, but no one was actually releasing their numbers.

yoga pants girl

Example of a picture used to lure you in. Hot girl bending over for you. She isn’t a real member looking for a guy like you. Don’t fool yourself. These amateur looking shots are the best performing pics in the industry.

These days, the entire industry is fueled by enticing new customers. Old customers never stick around because the product being offered is generally terrible. These major sites know this and so do the small time spammers (and scammers). The larger sites and the smaller guys churn out “new sites” every single day. The trick is to make you believe it’s the new hottest site, when in reality it’s just the same old trash being re-sold to the masses.

How Do They Do It?

These guys are masters of marketing. They will create new marketing campaigns around these “new” sites that seem totally legit on the surface. It’s all a delicate ecosystem of crappy sites designed to make you feel like if one site doesn’t work, then there are thousands of others to try. I’ve met guys that have literally signed up for 5+ sites all owned by the same company. Typically these “new” sites are created one of two ways…

A New Site Is Created With Old Profiles

Larger sites will use their database of users and parse it out to create niche hookup sites or ones that target a specific demographic. On the other end, a smaller site might create all of the graphics and marketing but then use a larger conglomerate that will feed profiles to their site. Either way it’s done, it’s the same old profiles being sold as new.

An Old Site Is Promoted As New

This is a favorite of lazy affiliate marketers. These guys will start promoting some new site (ie: as the next big thing. You’ll see their ads in porn videos or as banner ads on porn tube sites. Then when you go to the site, they ask you a series of questions to “see if you qualify.” Magically, everybody qualifies. Then they send you to whichever site is paying them the most to send you there.

There’s An Inherent Problem With Adult Dating

As a whole, guys are much more interested in meeting random women for sex than women are (for meeting random men). Sure, there are examples out there of nymphomaniacs, sex addicts, and even real girls that like a casual fling from time to time. The problem is that these women are a very small percentage of the population. Of those women, many are working within “the industry” (porn, stripper, prostitute, webcam model, etc). Even those that aren’t working in the industry don’t need help finding guys for sex.

Time To Get Real

Adult Dating and Hookup Sites typically don’t work. Most of them lure you in with hot girls you will never actually see on the site. Once you’re in, you’ll be bombarded with emails by fake profiles. Think about it… Do you really think hot local women need a website to get laid? You already know the answer… no they don’t. Now, if you are just looking for a warm and willing woman then you might find someone that’s going to be of a lower standard than you hoped. But as far as hot local girls, they aren’t online looking for you.

If you want to start getting real about meeting women online, then take a look here. Otherwise, there is no need for an expensive membership when there are tons of free porn and webcam options.