The Best Of The Worst…

As the biggest player in the game, AFF has set the standard for adult dating online. The only problem is that standard is crap. Sure, they do have a few actual women on their site, but don’t expect to actually hook up with them as typically they are not active, not real, or possibly even a prostitute. Some research on the recently exposed users shows male to female ratios to be 16:1, but I would my estimate the ratio of males to active females around 25:1. In reality, I’ve heard estimates as low as 100:1. This means that even if you are lucky enough to run into a real active profile online, you are competing with at least 15 other dudes to get her attention.

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If you are a really good looking guy who knows how to talk to women and setup a proper profile, then perhaps you will attract the attention of some women you might be interested in. The problem is you are probably not that guy. That’s ok, either am I. Most guys are not. If you are that guy, then you should probably download the Tinder app and save yourself a lot of money.

At least they are trying to give you something. In their defense, they do offer some pretty decent webcams to accompany your membership but the the cost is far higher than other webcam offers.

Final Verdict:

Adult Friend Finder has a lot of problems and is highly unlikely to help get you laid. The webcams are a plus but sadly they are just a distraction for guys who actually want to meet real women. There are better webcam services out there. You’re better off learning to meet girls online for free.



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