Another site billed as “adult dating” but should really be called “expensive online male entertainment.” AdultXXXDate is just a white label for AdultFriendFinder so it’s essentially the exact same service. You can read about AFF here and billing is the same for both sites so you can read about’s pricing here if you’d like.


Everything Is The Same

If you’ve tried AdultFriendFinder, then you’ve also tried AdultXXXDate. I setup an account and got the same email I received from AFF saying “35 Hotties near (my city) want to meet you!” The structure of each email was identical, but they did rotate different women from one email to the next. After clicking on “View” to see a member that supposedly wanted to meet me, I got a landing page that offered me the ability to Send a Flirt for $1 or View her profile for $3 (with 30 days access).

Send Flirt for $1 OR View Profile for $3

If you choose one of these options via AFF directly, you can setup with paypal where the terms and conditions explicitly state that “This is a One Time Purchase and Does NOT Renew Automatically.” Interestingly though, should you choose one of these options through, then you can’t use paypal. If you use a credit card (like most people do), then it says in fine print “Your subscription automatically renews.” It’s how they get you. If you really need to see for yourself that it’s all a big scam, then sign up for AFF, wait for your email and do the $1 paypal option. See what happens. You will be dissappointed.

How Many Messages Did I Get?

In the course of 15 minutes, I had 15 messages. All totally fake. They blurred out the actual messages and then when I tried to reply to these “women,” they sent me to a paid subscription sign up page. Par for the course with a cheap with label site like this.

Example of an email I received (1 of 15) minutes after signing up without a profile pic.

Example of an email I received (1 of 15) minutes after signing up without a profile pic.


What Is A “White Label”?

It’s a way to add your own branding to another website’s interface/functionality. It’s used very often in the world of dating and adult dating.

Why Would Sites Do This?

There’s a mutual benefit here for each site. The site with all the original content (AFF) gets paid directly for any membership and the white label site (AXD) does the marketing and gets paid a commission for every sale/lead/email/etc. The important thing for you to know is that there really aren’t that many actual hookup sites. Most of what you see is either a white label site like AdultXXXDate or the site you are lead to via some marketing tricks simply directs to a larger site. Then there are these conglomerates that are networks of sites that are all the same but share each others databases. These are all ways to get you to sign up for just one more site. It’s all the same crap.

Other User Experiences With

It’s Adult Friend Finder. Even the billing page says it. My first clue should have been the cheap logo.

– Efrain

Wow, I am reading through your site and finding all of the sites I was suspicious about. Recently a friend mentioned and he said he met a girl on there. That friend is always exaggerating the truth. I was still tempted, but now I’m convinced not to try it and stick to my typical porn routine.

– Jon

My $1 sign up last year has cost me hundreds of dollars. I should have been looking at my statements, so I’m the fool. Hopefully other guys are reading this stuff. AdultXXXDate sucks. Don’t give them your money!

– Stew


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