Yes even the king of all adult dating sites, sucks. No one has been willing to tell you this because webmasters can make $.50-$1 per click to direct you to an AFF offer. Most review sites out there are part of the hookup site industrial complex and are selling the exact sites they’re supposed to be critiquing. Luckily you made it to F*** Adult Dating, where I don’t hold back. (and we don’t accept a cent from AFF)

adult friend finder reviewIf you’ve ever talked to some buddies about their experiences meeting women online, you may not be getting the straight dope. As men, we typically have egos that can get in the way of objective criticisms. In other words, we hate admitting when we’ve been ripped off. Below are some common rebuttals I used to get when I first started talking to guys about AdultFriendFinder being a scam (or at least not an effective way to meet women online)…

“No way dude, I have a buddy that met a chick on that site!”

No, your buddy didn’t meet the some local hot girl on the site. (Barring certain caveats) He’s probably lying that he met someone. If he did actually meet someone, do you believe she was hot or is it more likely he said that to inflate his own ego?

“You’re just being negative. You have to put some effort in to actually meet women.”

It’s true, you have to put effort in to meet girls. The problem with this response is that sites like are the least effective way to meet a woman worth meeting. With notoriously horrible ratios of guys to gals, you are much better off simply messaging every single girl on PlentyOfFish asking for sex. I am literally saying that you will have more success sending 100 emails on POF saying “Hi, want to have sex?” than you will on Don’t believe me? Try both and email me your results. I’ll share them on our Readers Stories blog.

“Maybe you’re just ugly.”

I’m a 6 (maybe even a 7 on a good day). While I’m no Brad Pitt, I am in the upper echelon of guys on a hookup site. It’s important to remember that if you’re a good looking guy, you probably don’t need to pay $30/mo for a hookup site. You will find plenty of success on a free site like POF, OKCupid, or Tinder.

Why is it hard for guys to accept AdultFriendFinder sucks?

Because by accepting the fact that the biggest (and arguably best) adult dating site is a scam, you also have to consider that the whole industry of hookup dating is fake. Accepting this is hard because we all love to believe there could be a local milf who needs us on a lonely night. It all seems feasible, but now that Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder have had their data breaches, we’ve seen the real ratios (guys:girls). Even more sadly, ratios don’t account for user activity so it’s highly likely that the ratios of active guys to active girls is much worse. (perhaps as bad as 100:1)

I don’t think it’s too complicated. Guys sign up for the site and when they don’t get the response they want, it’s easier to just say


“Oh, I never wanted my profile pic on there.”


“I never reached out to anyone, so it’s my fault.”


“If I had put some effort in, I would have met a ton of women. There are obviously tons of women on the site.”


I am calling bullsh*t on all of that. AdultFriendFinder is less scammy than some adult dating sites out there, but it still sucks. Held against the results and ratios you would find at, POF or Tinder, you’d see the success rate for guys is atrocious.

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