Update: Hislut.com is still around as of this writing (End of March 2017) and I can’t say I’m particularly surprised. I still see these logos posted on popular xvideos porn clips and even pornhub.

While it looks like they’re still using the same squeeze page as below (I have to admit, that woman is gorgeous), they are now sending users from the US to a different offer. Today I clicked to see where it was going and found “Free Snap Milfs.” I guess this is some combination of the milf dating phenomenon with snapchat? It looks the same as other adult dating sites I’ve reviewed.

Hi Slut actually seems to be getting bigger according to some of the search metrics I’ve seen. 40,000 people searching for it last year in Google and I just hope you weren’t one of them.

Hislut is just another redirect affiliate offer. Like Slip.cc and many others uses video advertising to gather interest in the site. Once you go there, you’re given an entry page that might look like this…

US Version of Hi Slut Entry Page as of this writing.

US Version of Hi Slut Entry Page as of this writing.

Or if you’re in Canada, Mexico, Etc…

International HiSlut Entry Page

International Hi Slut Entry Page

Like slip.cc, hislut.com looks to get most of it’s traffic from Xvideos. There’s a user named “Oddnail” from Chicago (who knows where he/she is really from) uploading these videos. Like I’ve seen many times before, he downloads popular porn videos, adds the HiSlut.com sign on the video and uploads to porn sites like xvideos. Pornhub and some of the other big tube sites seem to have banned him, but his videos are still in rotation amongst many of these sites due to other users sharing them.

How Does He (or She) Do It?

It’s a pretty literal version of the “ol’ bait and switch.” He adds his Hi Slut logo to videos to get his name out there. Once you go to the site thinking you can meet girls there, it’s actually just a redirect to another adult dating offer. As of right now, the offer he’s sending US users to is Easysex.com and he’s sending Canadian users to CheaterSociety.com or SexFlirtBook.com depending on which “Join Now” button you click. It’s all the same garbage. Don’t sign up for any of it!

Why Does Hislut.com Do This?

To make money. The sites he directs all of this traffic to, give him a cut. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s called affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketing is legit (like how I do it here), while some is setup to deceive. For example, I do get a kickback from the webcam sites I have posted on my site. I am very clear about that, and it’s a product I know well and trust. If I decided to send all of you to the same affiliate offers Hislut.com does, I’d make much more money in the short term. The problems for him/her have already begun. Hi Slut’s profiles in the big tube sites are already getting banned and as more users get ripped off, there will be even more backlash. It’s a short sighted way of thinking. In contrast, I just tell you about how all of these sites are scamming you and offer you legitimate webcam services, free ebooks, hookup advice, and trusted porn options.

What Other Guys Are Saying About HiSlut.com:

I think I heard about Hi Slut from a porn video. A girl said “come to hislut” or something like that and it made me think it was a webcam site or something? Then I got there and was in a trance from the breasts of the woman on the intro screen. It was totally mesmerizing. She sold me. I still go back to that site just to see her tits. I didn’t actually pay for a membership, but my free signup put me on their list, so I get daily emails from fake girls. I should just cancel my free account, but it’s kinda nice to pretend the girls are real. 🙂

– Bill

Total scam. Probably not a single real girl on Hislut.com.

– Tom


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