How This Site Makes Money

When I was an Affiliate Marketer, it was always my job to make as much money per click as I could. I analyzed data, tried different offers,  analyzed performance and stuck with the offers that made the most money. That’s how affiliate marketing within the “adult dating” industry has been done forever.

From “Affiliate Marketer” To “Writer”

This site is not in the “adult dating” industry. Nor am I in the webcam industry, porn industry, or the self-improvement industry. I am just a writer giving you the information no one else is willing to write honestly about. I will often include offers within my reviews for webcam sites, porn sites, or self improvement products that might help you meet women. I stand by these offers 100%. My hope is to soften the blow once you’ve realized adult dating will not work. I could make a lot more money writing these reviews and then offering an AdultFriendFinder, Fling or Ashley Madison affiliate link to try. I don’t do that because it’s inconsistent with the truth.

(Should some amazing adult dating site come along in the future, I’ll let you know. For now, stick to Tinder.)

Why Webcams?

I love webcams because they work and they keep getting better. Any kind of woman, guy or even group is ready and waiting at your fingertips. Not everyone within the webcam industry is 100% truthful, so I only direct you to sites with the best reputations. Had a webcam experience you’d like to share? Email me at

The Other Stuff

I show you some porn sites that I like (paid and free). Some of these offer trials that will auto bill if you don’t cancel. Unfortunately, that’s simply become common practice online. Just read everything upfront before signing up for anything. My offers will always be the least shady within the shady porn industry. 🙂

A lot of the Hookup Advice I offer on these pages is entirely free and you can read freely. I offer even more when you sign up with your email. You get free ebooks and tons of great info you can’t find anywhere else.

So, What’s The Catch? Why Would Anyone Want To Make Less Money?

I have a theory. While my site isn’t aiming to make more money with every visitor, I believe that I’ll get more visitors by offering honest information. My hope is that I can have my cake and eat it too by exposing the adult dating industry for what it is while making money on honest offers.

Take my recommendations if you’d like and I’ll greatly appreciate it. All I really ask though, is that you DON’T SIGN UP FOR ANY ADULT DATING SITE.

* You can read my Disclosure statement here.