How To Actually Meet Girls Online

If you know anything about this site, I’m all about exposing adult dating sites. Sure there are a few that work ok, but for the most part they are trash. So, if you’re not actually going to meet up with a girl for sex in an hour, what are (legitimately) your best options?


1. Meet Cam Girls

This is simply the best way to get your money’s worth. You can browse live girls, couples, guys or whatever you’re into for a while and then buy some credits to get a private screening going whenever you’re ready.

Some of my favorite cam sites also include slutroulette, myfreecams, or now that I’ve got them up and running… give mine a shot.

2. Tinder Method

If you haven’t used Tinder to meet girls looking for a hookup, you are seriously missing out. Check out my Free Ebook on How To Hookup On Tinder.

3. PlentyofFish, OKCupid, or Method

Perhaps you’ve already exhausted your local tinder selection or you’re just looking for new ways to meet girls online for a hookup? Use my Guide To Using POF and OKC to Find Hookups.

4. Porn Sites

Porn is Back! Back in the late 90’s people generally paid for porn. By 2005 or so, porn tube sites had already taken over the internet. Now we’re seeing the quality of the free porn get a little stagnant. (or maybe I’m just getting old and want more?) If you’re looking for some awesome and trusted porn sites to try out, then see my favorite sites. (18+ only!)

5. Good Ol’ Fashioned Free Porn

I had been a big fan of Pornhub, Redtube and Tube8 for a long time. All good options. If you want to try a newer site some good HD porn, I’ve found to have a great selection of HD porn. The only thing with them is they are going to have a little less niche specific stuff, so if you have very specific tastes then sticking with the big tube porn sites will be your best bet.

*** Also, stay away from xvideos. I’ve gotten that FBI Warning malware a couple times from them. It’s not a big issue for me (on a mac) but it’s much more annoying to deal with if you’re on a pc.***

6. Best of The Worst

If I haven’t convinced you Adult Dating is a bad idea and you feel the need to try it then please stick to these sites. I am not going to pretend these sites are great, but at least they aren’t true scams like some of the others. There is a possibility of meeting women and getting laid on these site but keep in mind a couple of caveats… 1) If you are out in a rural area, your chances of meeting someone local are very slim and 2) while the sites themselves might be legit there are going to be less-than-legit profiles scattered throughout. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Just be smart.

So, that’s it. Except for outright prostitution (don’t do, it’s illegal!), these are the only ways to get women online or in real life that actually work. Now it’s on you to ask yourself if you want to actually meet a girl? Are you willing to put in the effort to go on a date (hookup date or otherwise)? If you’re serious about meeting real women then take the times to learn the key steps in making it happen.