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How To Get A Woman’s Attention Online


It Starts With Your Profile

The First thing a woman sees online is your profile. If you don’t get this part right, you may be dooming yourself right from the beginning. So, once you’ve signed up for the previous mentioned sites/app, it’s time to get started. Below is your profile checklist. Make sure everything is checked before moving forward!

  • Commit to a theme. Decide on the best positive way to describe yourself (that’s true to who you are) and stay consistent to that throughout your profile. Be the “funny nerd”, the “quirky artist” or the “light hearted jock.” Whatever fits you, be that and stay true to it throughout your profile.
  • Pick 3-5 pictures that were shot by someone else where you look nice. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, but you shouldn’t show pics of you sloshed at a concert either. Every picture should include your face. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin if it makes sense. Playing volleyball in your board shorts might be ok if you’re fit, while a selfie in the mirror that highlights your belly is probably a bad idea.
  • Be confident, not arrogant. Describe yourself truthfully and directly with some playful banter inserted when appropriate.
  • Think of your description more as a short novel to be kept under 5 sentences.
  • Keep your profile Rated PG-13. PG is too vanilla and R can get gross. You want to entice and even tease a little but don’t offend.


What To Say

hot girl 2Ok, you’re ready to start messaging. Here’s where you get girls interested and is the most important part of the process. Don’t start messaging every girl in your city with a stupid one-liner, and then get pissed that this doesn’t work. You need to take a calculated approach. The truth is there is no magic message that will work 100% of the time. However, if you use the rules below along with the examples, you are increasing your odds over 1000%.


Rules of Messaging:


  1. Entice her to engage in conversation.
  2. Once you draw her in, keep it light. Your goal here is to make her feel safe.
  3. Don’t double text! The most sure fire way to end your exchange is to text her before she’s responds to your last text. I can’t stress it enough, don’t do it!
  4. Once you have engaged her in conversation, start talking about proximity and location in a non-threatening way. For example, “I end up spending a lot of time on Example Street at Example Coffee Shop. You ever been?” The idea is start the discussion of where to meet up, without asking her to meet up just yet. You’re feeling her out.
  5. If you’re getting positive responses, then strike while the iron is hot. Ask her to meet tonight for a drink. It’s important you ask to meet her for a drink. It’s the ultimate qualifier when looking for a hookup. If she’s willing to meet up for a drink then she’s 10 times more likely to be interested in a more casual affair. If she recommends dinner, run.

(Remember you’re trying to live a certain lifestyle here, you won’t have time/energy for a girlfriend when you’re going out with 2-5 different girls per week)


Top 5 Lines I Use To Pique Her Interest…


  1. Are we going to tell our families we met on Tinder (POF/OKC/etc)? J
  2. Have about 4 hours for a Romantic Relationship and Emotional Break Up? 😛
  3. Who would you say is the Sexiest Actor Of All Time?
  4. Any suggestions on a good Erotic Novel?
  5. Best Public Sexual Experience. Go!



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