Justhookup has been scamming guys for too long. They get you in with a free membership, then you get bombarded with emails from fake users.

Justhookup Scam

How Does It Work?

If you actually click on the link to message one of these “girls” back, one of two things will happen… 1) That girl’s profile if blurred and you get a screen saying “you must upgrade to see this profile or 2) You actually do a see a profile but after you send her a message(and waste your time) you get a screen saying “you must upgrade to message this user.” Once you cave in and sign up, you find there are no real girls on the site.

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In fact, it would almost be hilarious if it weren’t ripping so many people off, but take a look at the disclaimer from their sign up page.

justhookup fake profile disclaimer

“Fantasy Cupids” is right. This is taken directly from the justhookup.com sign-up page.


There Have To Be Some Real Women, Right?

You would think that a site that’s been around for a few years and gets as many clicks as Justhookup.com does, there would at least be some real girl on the site right? Think again. I’ve talked to guys who have been on Justhookup for months and even years. Not a single one has actually met a real girl on the site.

Girls Can Sign Up Free, Right?

Justhookup is so focused on ripping guys off, they don’t even give women a free membership. Sure, they get the “free version” of a membership like any guy can get, but they don’t really get any access or ability to message. When I signed up for a membership as a “girl looking for guys” I was brought to an intro screen filled with hot girls interested in meeting me. Hilarious! They don’t even have a proper system in place to allow girls to sign up. It’s truly ridiculous.


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