My Story

An Insider Reveals The Truth About Adult Dating…

I have been working in the world of “adult dating” for 8 years now. No one has been willing to tell you this until now, but most of it is TOTAL BULLSH*T. As someone on the “other side” who has promoted this crap for too long, I’ve created this site to take a stand within an industry that (by nature) doesn’t typically take the high road.

Who am I?

I’m a regular guy, just like most reading this. I grew up in the midwest with midwestern values. I am married with 2 kids and a dog, so not the gamer kid in his mom’s basement you might expect. 🙂

I try to do the right thing but I rode the slippery slope into the world of adult dating affiliate programs. Once I started getting traffic to some of my dating related websites, I found that these adult dating banners were making much more money than the others. It seemed that guys were getting what they wanted as I wasn’t hearing any complaints. I didn’t lose much sleep. What I’ve found recently, however, is that guys are getting duped but since they’re also embarrassed, their stories aren’t being shared. If you have a story you’d like me to post anonymously in my Reader’s Stories section, send me an email at

Mo’ Money, No Problems

I have made millions of dollars selling adult dating offers online and there are thousands of others out there like me doing the exact same thing. Recently the commissions have taken a drastic dip. For the first time, I decided to sign up for some of the site memberships I had been offering. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Guys were really buying this crap?

Soon after, I dug a little deeper and tried to find legitimate reviews online. I found most of the writings on these shady sites were positive. I had a brief moment of disbelief before I realized that there has been an entire system of fake reviews setup because these sites make so much more money than a site promoting porn or webcams. (yes, I do recommend some great porn and webcam options on this site. I have tried them myself and stick by 100%)

I wasn’t totally naive and I knew there were more guys than girls on these sites. I also knew most of these sites used auto billing without making it abundantly clear. I didn’t know just how few girls were on these sites, nor did I realize how shady most of these sites were about their billing practices. I was truly disgusted and now I feel like I owe guys everywhere the truth since no one else is offering it.

I could make much more money up front sending traffic to yet another crappy site that promised to help you “find hot neighbors for sex” or “meet a hot milf tonight.” Instead, I’m banking on the truth being more valuable in the long run.

– Marketer Gone Rogue