The odds are stacked against you in the world of hookup dating. These sites entice you on a biological level but if you are disciplined enough to do a little research, there’s another push for you to fall for the trap from the sites you are supposed to trust.

For Example,

Let’s say you are interested in what and want to see if it’s legit. So, you type the phrase “ review” into google. Here’s your first result…

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You click on it and read that “ is part of the ‘benaughty network'” and that this writer would not recommend joining dating sites associated with benaughty network. Then he goes on to tell you how plentyoffish and are pretty good but AdultFriendFinder is “by far his favorite.”

It’s All Complete Garbage

Technically, might have been part of the BeNaughty network when that review was written, but there’s more to it than that. At the time of that review, was probably re-directing users to because Hi Slut was setup on BeNaughty’s affiliate program. So, Hi Slut would get all of this traffic coming in from their videos, then send it to Benaughty. Then they would send Hi Slut a check based on a portion of the revenue made from any sales. You can read more about here or Adult Dating Affiliate Programs here.

The “Old Bait ‘n Switch”

There are a lot of “dating review sites” telling you not to try certain adult dating sites. Then they flip around and heavily promote whomever is paying them the most cash. They try to gain your trust by playing to your gut feeling, then offering you an alternative. The method isn’t a bad or even particularly deceiving. The problem is that those sites are just sending you from one scam to another. You can see how my site legitimately makes money and see that you can promote good offers with honest information.

Some Recent “Review” sites on my S*** List:


There are hundreds more. I’ll get to them in future posts too. A site like is particularly upsetting because it’s actually got a lot of great information. The, they try to sell you!?! Are you kidding me?



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