Here are some of the worst offenders in world of hookup dating. I will update this list as new ones pop up. Was there an online adult dating scam you fell for? Email me your story at and I’ll share your story anonymously so other guys don’t fall for the same trap.

This site has been around a few years now and were one of the first independent sites to setup a fully functioning automated email campaign to it’s free users. Typically before Justhookup, sites would simply add you to their list and spam you into submission. These guys were smarter about their scammy practices and have built up on of the biggest grossing online dating scams of all time. The even crazier part? Their sign-up page blatantly says it’s filled with fake profiles and guys are still signing up left and right.

AFF has been around in some form since 1996 and is the largest hookup dating site in the world. Some might say calling the site a “scam” is a little harsh in comparison to others on this list. I am sticking to my guns here, though because AFF is offering something it doesn’t truly provide. Their tagline as of this writing is “Hookup, Find Sex or Meet Someone Hot Now” which is simply not going to happen for most guys. Their guy to girl ratios are terrible (16:1 at best), there are  reports of prostitutes pretending to be real users, and they’ve been known to have fraudulent billing practices. They may be the biggest, but are certainly not the best. –

Good luck with your private information! Everyone knows about the Ashley Madison hack, but even I was surprised to learn just how few women were on the site. This goes to show you that no matter how much you advertise in the mainstream, women don’t need adult dating sites to find a hookup. (whether they’re married or not) was created my some lazy marketer with the profile Mike1970 on He downloads popular porn videos, adds a line that reads “I met this chick on” or “I met this guy on” on the videos. After he uploads the videos with his new branding, guys start typing in into their browsers. Not surprisingly, after you agree that you’re old enough to enter the site, you get sent to another site. As of this writing, users are being sent to, but that could change. Somewhat surprisingly, Affair Alert isn’t a scam. Affair Alert simply doesn’t have many women, at least not yet.

More coming… (stay tuned)