This is an interesting one. XDating has the potential to deceive even the more astute online users. They aren’t a lazy redirect site, nor are they a white label. They have their own site, so this gives them an initial look of legitimacy. Once you sign up, you get an intro message from an avatar (not a message from a girl posing to be a member) and the “newest members” look legit. It isn’t all models and porn stars. Just when you’re starting to think “maybe they setup a real site here,” you get a message that some girl has viewed your profile. That girl is fake. Then about one minute later, you get an email that someone wants to “see more of you.” That girl is also fake. If you aren’t seeing these as red flags, just try to message these girls. Just like almost every other one of these sites, you get sent to a sales page. They ask you to enter your credit card info so you can respond to these “women.”

In Case You Are Wondering How Much It Costs?

$29.95/mo if you sign up for one month or $19.95 if you sign up for three months. Also like all of these other sites you will be setup on auto-renew so expect to keep paying every month until you cancel.

What Actually Happens (Even After You Pay)?

Most reviewers online aren’t willing to fork over the money and rightfully so. Even after being in the industry for 8 years, I’m not confident in how a site like XDating might handle cancellations. I was legitimately concerned I might end up in something I could never get out of. Against my better judgement, and for you guys… I did it. I pulled the trigger and put in my credit card info. Here’s what happened…

Thursday morning 7:42am – I sign up for a free account. No picture, no description. Just a boring username and email address with a vanilla tag line. Zero reason for interest in my profile.

7:47am – Beautiful girl “IB6UB9x” has “viewed my profile”

7:50am – I receive my first email from “tit4tat” saying she wants to see more of me

7:55am – After getting some coffee, I click on a random profile. Of course, I can’t see much. Just 1 pic and Everything else is blurred. I need to pay for a subscription to see the rest or message her.

7:56am – Here’s where it gets kind of interesting. The girl I just viewed randomly has now viewed me and all of the sudden I’m getting a lot of “views” from other girls. Over the course of 30 seconds, I get 5 more “views” from beautiful women. One of them even has her breasts exposed, sweet!

8:00am – I start writing this review. fake girls

instant message from a fake girl on xdating (simply2beautif) who wants to chat

8:10am – Wow, now I’ve even gotten a instant message from a fake girl (simply2beautif) who wants to chat. Hitting me from all angles; email, messaging, and now chat.

8:15am – Here we are, ready to pay for the full blown membership…

8:17am – All signed up.

8:18am – Where did all the girls go?

8:20am – That’s weird, all the girls in my area (a major US metropolitan city) are gone. There are 3 that look like women that might have signed up a few years ago and done nothing with their account?

8:25am – I knew exactly what I was getting into and just signed up to give you guys an honest review… but for some reason, I still feel duped. Maybe I thought I’d get something out of it? I would have to signup to see the webcam girls separately. There are a few free porn videos but those were also included in the free membership. I think right now is when a lot of guys just log out and and pretend it never happened. (and keep getting charged every month)

This was a good reminder for me. Sometimes I forget how bad it feels to get duped like this. All I can do to prevent this happening to other guys is keep writing these reviews, and that’s just what I’ll continue doing. If you want your story shared anonymously so other guys don’t get duped, email me at

The Moral of The Story

Stay away from It’s a scam like all the rest. They do a good job of looking a little more legit at the onset, but as soon as you start interacting with the site, they find ways to suck you into a membership that does nothing. Total waste of money and even bigger waste of time.


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